Solutions in Cell Line Development

Date: 19th April 2023

Time: 08:45 - 17:15

Location: ICGEB Headquarters, Trieste

Discover what Molecular Devices has to offer Cell Line Development researchers. We will be on-site presenting our innovative solutions in the field of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and genomic medicine, cell and gene therapies, genetic engineering, personalized and precision medicine, and much more. 

Presentations and networking opportunities with researchers
Hands-on instrument demonstrations with technical experts
Open-door sessions with our scientists


We look forward to seeing you at the event. Please note that lunch will be provided for all attendees, and dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request. Download the complete agenda today for more details.

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Discover our latest innovations

Hands-on demonstrations at the Solutions in Cell Line Development meeting


ClonePix 2 Mammalian Colony Picker

Automated screening and objective selection of high-value clones across diverse cell types.

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NEW DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser

Compact, automated cell dispenser for fast, easy single-cell isolation


QPix® Microbial Colony Pickers

Clone screening systems for monoclonality verification and colony picking

CloneSelect Imager

CloneSelect Imager

High-speed fluorescence and white light imaging, intelligent data analysis, and monoclonality report generation