Custom Organoid Expansion Service

Organoid expansion process – efficient, reproducible, scalable

To support your research Molecular Devices can offer a unique, bespoke service for the scale-up of organoid lines using our patent-pending bioprocess, which can produce up to around 6 million organoids per batch using customers' own lines. The PDOs (patient-derived organoids) can then be supplied back to you in their desired quantities and formats, in a customized assay-ready format to meet your individual needs.

Organoid expansion is facilitated by our unique, patented bioprocess and the know-how of our experienced scientists. The semi-automated procedure uses controlled, monitored conditions to produce large numbers of standardized PDOs within a defined size range. Rigorous quality control ensures reduced batch-to-batch and user-to-user variability.

Molecular Devices is leading the way in industrializing the production of standardized, human-derived, healthy and diseased organoids at scale for multiple uses such as drug discovery and organ-on-a-chip applications.


Our patient-derived organoids are:


Multicellular & 3D

PDOs model cell interactions and tissue function.


Scalable and reproducible

Minimal variability both within and between batches facilitates consistency and repeatability in high-throughput applications such as drug screening.


Genetically diverse

PDO model can be selected by tissue or mutation subtype of interest.

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Our products and services

Custom Organoid Expansion Service

Bioprocess-grown PDOs at scale with validation and quality assurance

  • Expansion of customer’s own or supplied PDO or PDX derived organoid lines
  • Bespoke PDO line generation and expansion from PDX tissue (PDXO) 
  • The bioprocess-grown organoids can be supplied back to you as customized assay-ready vials to be used at your convenience for downstream assays.

*Price, time to deliver, and specifications will vary based on mutually agreed technical requirements. Solution requirements may cause adjustment to standard performance.